Quote Island

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Quote Island
World: Earth Map
Warp: /warp QuoteIsland
Coordinates: 2450 -7018

Quote Island is an open island used for the documentation of the best quotes to ever have been uttered on ATWMC. Quote Island was established on the 11th of April by Shigateam in response to the chat's funny messages.

On the 6th of May 2021, a vote was put for the funniest quotes recorded on Quote Island. In third place was "Wait, why is my arse vibrating" -AlexNB at 8.8/10, second place went to Wyttie with "Dang nabbit, Buckingham palace is full of commies" at 9.4/10, and finally, first place was "Why drive on the right when you can drive on the pedestrians?" -Myzome at 9.5/10.

Later that same day, a large crowd had formed on Quote Island and an all out brawl broke out between players. The only permanent loss of life was WinterSmokes' villager son Gerald, the only resident of Quote Island, who was shot by Datchisan by mistake. There are two graves for Gerald on Quote Island, one that marked the date of death and the other a coffin players can lie in, above this coffin reads as follows, "here lies gerald some cunt got a bow// here also lies the fucker who took him out."