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Jontiben's poster introducing the new Regions system
The Iberian region, with the French region to the north and the Semitic region to the south
The Quebec region, a Quebecois French-speaking region located in North America

Regions are a feature used to divide land among the playerbase to better protect people's work. The region map was created by Jontiben and Soulful_Fighter, initially for the New Map, but has been applied to the Old Map as well. There are hundreds of regions across the entire server, and there are regions placed in every single world within the server. In the New Map, regions are used to divide land based on language families.

Regions are not to be confused with countries, as regions are solely to divide land among linguistic boundaries, whereas different countries have different governments.

Creation Guidelines[edit]

Regions tend to have to coincide with the locations of which languages are spoken in real life. For example, the Iberian region is located on the Iberian peninsula for the Ibero-Romance languages, such as Spanish and Portuguese. If languages are realistically spoken in areas they are not indigenous to (e.g. French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese), the allowance of regions or the spread of larger regions over areas as non-indigenous languages is vastly limited. The Americas are purposefully left mostly void of regions due to the demand of restricting colonial languages in areas they are not indigenous to. There are few exceptions to this rule, such as Quebec (French), Cuba (Spanish), and Fortaleza (Portuguese). If a language is spoken at a very minor degree or is dead and is encompassed by the origins of much larger languages (e.g. Gothic), that language is instead put into the larger region that encompasses it. If there is an area in which there are small language families (e.g. the West Slavic region) or has a language family spoken significantly in an area in which that language family is also spoken in another area (e.g. the Central Asian region), a new region is created there.

Earth Map Regions[edit]

The regions are typically composed of a family of languages, or just a single language isolate in which the learners and natives of the language can build and develop alongside one another.

Region[1] Spoken Languages Region Moderators[1]
Ainu-Kamchatkan Ainu, Chukchi Laenin
Aotearoa te reo Māori Ukihoroa
Atlantic Fulani, Igbo, Yoruna -
Austroasiatic Vietnamese BTLC
Austronesian Indonesian, Tagalog Tukang_Bom
Balkan Greek, Serbian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Slovenian, Albanian KingZorvaxovich
Bantu Sotho, Xhosa -
Britannic Irish, English, Scots, Scottish Gaelic, Welsh, Breton, Manx, Cornish Icecyristal67, WinterSmokes
Caucasian Armenian, Azeri, Georgian -
Cuban Cuban Spanish MelancholyMelody
Cushitic Oromo, Somali -
Dravidian Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu -
East Slavic Russian, Ukranian, Gothic Puzzlecube
Finnish Finnish Rubikanon
Fort Bee - PoisonousHemlock
Fortaleza Brazillian Portuguese PhafaeL
French French O_7337, Grimace97
Iberian Spanish, Portugese, Catalan, Gothic Paleopack626, Thelouieman
Icelandic Icelandic -
Indic Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Punjabi, Odia -
Iranic Persian -
Italic Italian, Latin, Sardinian, Corsican MarpasCZ, Mop565
Japonic Japanese Hello_Im_Dutch, RedCrafted
Khoisan Herero, Nama -
Koreanic Korean HeidMC, Jontiben, KnightAzure
Lil Oregon - Raubkopierah504
Malagasy Malagasy -
Mongolic Mongolian Grimace97
Nilo-Saharan Bedawi, Hausa -
Nivaclé Nivacle The_Linguist_LL
North Germanic Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Gothic Herzog703
Nueva Córdoba Spanish Soulful_Fighter
Quebec Quebecois French DragonTrainer267, V_Mac_Carthaig
Romanian Romanian
Semitic Arabic, Hebrew Blakind
Sinic Chinese FunnyWolf98
Spawn English -
Tai-Kadai Thai Arthit
Tibeto-Burman Burmese, Tibetan -
Tungusic Manchu Malung
Turkish Turkish -
West Coast Chicano Spanish DaOreoCookie
West Germanic German, Dutch _Lastar, Letterbomb0121,


West Slavic Polish, Czech, Slovak, Gothic Flittermouses, jestjakasnazwa

Regions by Continent[edit]