Resource World

From Around The World MC
Ukiho as seen from the Dyn Map

The Resource World is the secondary gameplay world on Around the World MC. The map is a vanilla Minecraft world unlike the Earth Map. It's primary purpose is for resource gathering so not to heavily alter or damage the terrain of the Earth Map. Nearly all of the Resource World is unclaimed and can be used by everyone. Despite the Resource World is only to be intended for resource gathering some players live in the world and there are towns and settlements, most notably Ukiho.

Like the Earth Map and Old Map the Resource World has it's own Nether and End Dimensions.


Ukiho is the main city in the Resource World as it is the location for the main warp into the world. Like most cities, it has shops, restaurants and apartments. It is best known for it's community chest near the warp.


The Resource World has various types of mob farms that cannot be made on the Earth Map. Some of these farms are open to the community like the Creeper Farm that produces about 8,000 gunpowder an hour. The most common farm in the Resource World is Iron Farms.