Roman Empire

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Roman Empire (Imperium Romanum)
Capital: Rome (Roma)
Languages: Latin, Ancient Greek
Government: Empire
Head of State: MarpasCZ
Formation: January 20th, 2020
World: Earth Map
Server Region: Italic region
Cities: Leptis Magna

The Roman Empire (Imperium Romanum, or shortly Roma) takes up the majority of the Italian peninsula, along with a small exclave in the semitic region located at Leptis Magna. The empire has an extremely rich history, being founded right at the start of the New Map's conception. The empire was founded by its current day emperor, MarpasCZ.

Early History[edit]

The empire was centered in Rome, its only city. Around this time, Osnake joined and rose to high status within the city. Osnake and MarpasCZ then began to build up the city, modelled after Roman architecture and the classic antiquity look. February of 2020 marked a turning point in the empire's history. With the joining of Blakind, who built up constantinople and then sought to join the empire, Roma had first expanded to accomodate another city.


The 3 consuls of the empire pre-regions are: Marpas, Osnake, and Blakind. Since the introduction of Regions, Blakind has become the king of Israel, and Osnake remains inactive.

Leptis Magna[edit]