Royal Palace of Madrid

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Royal Palace of Madrid
Main Gate of the Palace
Main Gate of the Palace
Location: Madrid, Spain
Built: March 2023
Builders: Buddha
Type: Palace

The Royal Palace of Madrid (Spanish: Palacio Real de Madrid) is the official residence of the King of Spain and primarily used for formal Royal activities and state ceremonies. It is the largest royal palace in Europe and Western Hemisphere.

The palace is open for the public to look around and explore, with some rooms being locked from public view. It's most prominent indoor feature is the throne room.


The palace was one of the first things envisioned by Buddha when he started to build up the city of Madrid. Originally the location of the palace was more mountainous and had a small house built by HealthMagazine. Health's house was moved with permission to the residential district of Madrid and can be seen as the yellow terracotta house on the hill overlooking Madrid. The retaining wall under the base of the palace was mostly built sometime in 2020, with an extension built in 2023.

Breaking ground began at the beginning of March with the moving of Health's house and extensive excavation. Designing was done offline, and different material was tested for the exterior and roofing but smooth sandstone and brick was chosen to keep with other key buildings of Madrid. Building started around March 10th, and spanned over a week and took about of 20 hours to build. Once completed it became the third place of residence for Buddha.


The Palace seen from an apartment in Madrid

The palace is surrounded by a six meter tall wall, with a mostly consistent pattern with the outside of the wall being illuminated and decorated with azalea leaves. The only opening into the inner grounds is the main gate that is topped with a dragons head. On the North side of the palace below the wall is a retaining wall that was created sometime in 2020. Inside the palace wall is the Kings Noticeboard where the reigning Monarch my update decrees or notify upcoming events at the palace. On the South side of the grounds is a small animal pen that currently holds some Pandas and Goats. A small combat practice area is behind the animal shelter.

The palace walls is created with smooth sandstone with glass panes alternating white and light gray. The roof is made of brick based material like the rest of Madrid. The roof was of different design but changed at the last minute to match more of the rest of of the city. There are two domes on the roof, one made of gold which is over a brewing area and one made of diamonds over the King's Chamber. Red and Yellow Stained glass are over the main entrance that spans the throne room and into the King's Chamber. Stained glass under the diamond dome is cyan and light blue as Buddha thought they would look pretty.


The palace is three stories plus a basement with the vast majority of the space is the throne room itself. The main entrance brings you into the throne room. Doors seen to the right of the room leads to the kitchen. There is an open hallway past the kitchen that leads to the grand staircase as well as a small armory and dining room. The dining room is two stories and is connected with the kitchen. The dining room houses a massive chandelier and trophies like the dragons head. In the armory is a stairway leading to the basement which includes a small library and storage area.

The second story has open view of both the throne room and dining room. It contains a small brewing area with view of the golden dome. The top floor has 5 bedrooms including the King's Chamber. These rooms are used by visiting heads of state or other notable guest invited by The Crown. Two rooms are personal rooms of The Crown including an office and listening room respectively.

Throne Room[edit]

View of the Throne Room

The main room in the palace the Throne Room spans two stories with carpet leading to the throne and arches on the ceiling lined with chandeliers. The Throne rest on top of a dais, the throne itself if made with quartz and the seat is made of netherite. The Throne Room is primarily used for official duties of the monarch as well where coronations of The Crown takes place. If a Prince or Princess is crowned their coronation will take place in the Throne Room as well. During formal arrangements it is considered rude and impolite to stand on the dais while the reigning monarch is on the throne as such any interaction shall be done on the raised platform in front of the throne. A seating area near the entrance is for members of the public to sit during formal events.