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Sài Gòn
World: Earth Map
Region: Austroasiatic region
Country: The Republic of Vietnam
Warp: /warp Saigon
Coordinates: 12839, -1294
Languages: Vietnamese
Built: Around July 21, 2022

Sài Gòn is a city in the south of the Austroasiatic region.


First Saigon[edit]

The first Saigon was built by BTLC in real-world Cambodia. It is a very decorated area. It's full of unfinished projects and farms, and even hidden rooms (most of which have already been found).

Second Sai Gon[edit]

This Sai Gon was started by frogs_sgorf after joining the server for the first time. This city is mainly farms and one house and it has not been developed much.