Sample City Page

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Sample City Page
[[File:|250px|alt=Image should be of something prominent of the city.|Image should be of something prominent of the city.]]
Image should be of something prominent of the city.
World: The world in which the city is in
Region: The region in which the city is in
Country: The country in which the city is apart of
Warp: Put the warp if applicable here
Coordinates: Put the coordinates of the city, this can be the warp or the center of the city
Languages: Languages spoken in the city
Built: Give a specific date or as close to specific when the city was built.
Mayor: The current mayor of the city.

Name of City (use bold and only this section) write a brief summery of the region here but do not go into much detail. You can find more information about the infobox here Template:Infobox_settlement


History of the City and details about the region. If the page is short, no additional subheadings are required. If the page is long, the use of additional subheadings, ordered by subject, is encouraged for the purpose of better organization. Avoid the use of years as subheadings.

Notable People[edit]

List notable people who live in the city, town or settlement. This can be both current and former inhabitants.


Include previous skins, images of some of their notable builds.


Include additional information that might not fit elsewhere on the page like where their username comes from.


Any references used should be listed here