Sample Country Page

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Sample Country Page
Flag of the country
Flag of the country
Capital: List the Capital of the Country
Languages: List the Language or Languages used in the country
Government: Type of government
Head of State: List the Head of State in one of the Head of State tags, if your type of Head of State isn't listed you would use this one
Formation: When was is founded
Dissolution: If the country no longer exist, put the date here
World: The world in which the country was or is currently in
Server Region: The server region in which one must be added in order to be apart of the country
Administrative Regions: Regions that are roleplayed in the country
Cities: List cities found in the country
Neighbors: List surrounding countries

Name of Country (use bold and only this section) write a brief summery of the country here but do not go into much detail. You can find more information about the infobox here Template:Infobox_country


History of the country and details about their history on the server. If the page is short, no additional subheadings are required. If the page is long, the use of additional subheadings, ordered by subject, is encouraged for the purpose of better organization. Avoid the use of years as subheadings. Standard subheadings include (but are not limited to):


Detail how the country came to be, was there a previous country if so give a small summery here.

Early History[edit]

History of the country after formation and/or too old for Present Day history.


Was there a major era in the countries history, use this to talk solely about that era. If multiple eras make additional subheadings.

Present Day[edit]

Talk about the current state of the country, this should be within the past 12-18 months.


Include pictures of cities and notable builds here.


Include additional information that might not fit elsewhere on the page.


Any references used should be listed here