Sample Player Page

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Sample Player Page
Alex's Skin
Alex's Skin
Username: This is where you will put their current and former usernames
Other names: Other known names or nicknames of said player
Joined: Date of player joined ATWMC. If no date is available try to be as specific as possible
Residence: Current Residence or Residences. This should be the city or region in which they live.
User Group: This is where you will list if they are a Member, an Admin or Inactive
Native: List their native languages
Learning: List languages they are learning and their CEFR level if possible

Name of player (use bold and only this section) write a brief summery of the player's activities and highlights of their history. Can include their nationality. Should include any honorable tiles and at least one mention of a notable build or where they notably build at. You can find more information about the infobox here Template:Infobox_user


Languages about the player like their native language and languages they are learning. Progress that has been made on their target language(s) during their time on ATWMC. This can include personal background so long as it doesn't violate the Rules.


History of the player and details about what they have done on the server. If the page is short, no additional subheadings are required. If the page is long, the use of additional subheadings, ordered by subject, is encouraged for the purpose of better organization. Avoid the use of years as subheadings. Standard subheadings include (but are not limited to):

Early History[edit]

What were they like when they first joined, they have been around since the Old Map and have extensive history playing on the server?

Reign of Country[edit]

If they roleplayed being a Head of State, detail how they came to rule and how their reign was for both the players being ruled over and visitors to their realm. Did they start a war or played an active role in the UN? Did they tax heavily or let everyone share everything equally? All of that should be explained here. You may even add additional subsections for ruling multiple countries/cities. If truly extensive you should make this a main section.

Current History[edit]

What is the player currently up to, this should be their within the past 12-18 months.

Notable Builds[edit]

Have they built a lot of amazing stuff? Detail it here, if it extremely notable it may even have it's own page.


Include previous skins, images of some of their notable builds.


Include their best well known quotes


Include additional information that might not fit elsewhere on the page like where their username comes from.


Any references used should be listed here