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Flag of Spain
Flag of Spain
Capital: Madrid
Languages: Spanish
Government: Absolute Monarchy
Monarch: King Buddha
Formation: February 20,2023 (Independence)

February 25, 2023 (Current Government)

World: Earth Map
Server Region: Iberian region
Cities: Madrid
Neighbors: France

Spain (Spanish: España), or the Kingdom of Spain (Reino de España), is a country primarily located in southwestern Europe encompassing the entire Iberian region. The Kingdom of Spain also rules over the Balearic Islands and Portugal.



On February 17th, 2023 Buddha started to complete the three education builds in Madrid. Where they had been left unbuilt and abandoned sometime prior to July of 2022. This lead to Buddha committing to fully build up Madrid and add language learning materials to the city. Around this time NickMoJAVA was gearing for way to expand Liechtenstein this resparked interest in the formal countries and roleplay which had been lacking in the server for sometime. This lead to people reclaiming or claiming their rulership over various countries. As no one had claimed or ruled over Spain as long as Buddha had been playing on ATWMC. Grimace informed Buddha that Spain was currently under the control of Ukraine and a formal Declaration of Independence on February 20th and verbal confirmation was held in game chat with so objection.

In the early hours of February 25th Paleopack formally gave Buddha reign over Spain after it was under the Goths which was under Ukraine rule. Buddha was also made a region owner of the Iberian region. Which gave him full rule over Spain in which he created the current Kingdom of Spain and established himself as the King of Spain.

Early History[edit]

Louieman originally was the king of Spain. Louie was very well respected and was a great leader. He eventually quit to focus on school.

Present Day[edit]

Under the rule of King Buddha, Madrid is being built into a proper city with future cities and towns to be built up in the future. Madrid has had new Eurostar station built which connects to Paris with planned routes to Carthage and Rome. With the development of Madrid, multiple Embassies have been built as well as housing with accompanying storage. Future developments include an inter-Iberian Rail system and the building of Barcelona.



The Kingdom of Spain by nature is an absolute monarchy with Buddha as the reigning King. The official title is King Buddha of Spain and Iberia and His other Realms and Territories, Commander of Armies and Protector of The Lore, often shorten to King Buddha of Spain and may be referred to as simply "The Crown" in official documents. The style of office is His Majesty. As such the rule of the Monarch is over the entire Iberian region and any other territories that Spain claims and Commander in Chief of the Spanish Military. The Crowns official residence is the Royal Palace of Madrid.

All laws and orders in the Kingdom of Spain is by decree or ruling by the reigning Monarch. Laws may be created or rescinded at anytime for any reason, though no law, order or decree can target or cause undue burden for one specific player. Ruling may be given verbally, or in-game chat. Signage created by The Crown are by nature legally enforceable. The Laws of Spain should formally be written down in either a book in game, on this wiki or by signage on the Kings Noticeboard. The Crown may create official Ministries in their name who can create codified rulings within their limitations. The Crown is personally immune from prosecution both criminally and civilly.


The Judicial branch of the Kingdom of Spain acts in the name of the Crown. As such the Court is used to conduct a trial of guilt and trail of punishment. Currently there is only one court in Spain, the Court of Madrid, and is used for all legal matters criminally and civilly. If a person is charged with a crime or if someone takes civil legal action the trail will be in place of a Judge with sole ability to find ones guilt or innocents. There is no right to a jury and a trial may be held without spectators at the leisure of the presiding Judge. As long as a defendant has been notified in-game a Judge by hold a trial in absentia. A defendant may defend themselves or have someone represent them but no legal representation will be given by the state. Anyone can appeal a decision, there is only one appellate court and it resides in the Court of Madrid. The Appellate Court is made up of 3 Judges and does not hear facts of the case as they decide if there is legal standing for the decision. Judges are appointed directly by The Crown. Courthouses in Spain my be used by and for foreign states if they don't have a courthouse of their own and with approval of The Crown.

Administrative Regions[edit]

The Kingdom is broken up into various administrative regions of which each region may have their own laws and rules. An Administrative region can only be created by decree of The Crown, after which that region can create their own codes and laws in line with the Kingdoms laws. There are three types of regions that can be created, Principalities, States and Territories.

  • Principalities are limited to two and are predetermined as the Principality of Portugal and Principality of Catalan. Principalities have the most autonomy of the different types of Administrative Regions. Principalities are ruled by Princes or Princesses and are considered a part of the Crown with some limitations. They are able to create laws in their name and have Crown Immunity but only within their Principality. Principalities are less reliant of the overall Kingdom and are allowed to have Embassies for the Kingdom of Spain.
  • States are defined regions that have some autonomy in decision of what happens within their state. States are Administered by Governors which may be appointed by The Crown or elected by citizens of that state if allowed by The Crown. Governors style of office is His/Her Goobership and they have no special privileges or protections like their Principality counterpart. Governors create laws in the name of The Crown.
  • Territories are a limited administrative regions where there might not be enough population or infrastructure for a State. Territories are directly administered by The Crown, though they may appoint a Solicitor for limited rule in their place. A Solicitor can only give rulings until The Crown can finally decide. Territories may become a State within the Kingdom if there is a need to by population or infrastructure.

Any part of the Kingdom of Spain that isn't defined as Principality, State or Territory is known as Crown Land and direct rule of The Crown.