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View over Stockholm
View over Stockholm
World: Earth Map
Region: North Germanic Region
Country: Sweden
Warp: /warp Stockholm
Coordinates: 2070, -7136
Languages: Swedish

Stockholm is the capital city and largest settlement in Sweden.


Stockholm was founded by Svea Svea during the First Age (Known locally as the Founding Age or the Dark Age), during which the majority of the most important foundational infrastructure was built. Stockholm became the centre of some international controversy associated with The Trifecta during this age, and this period in Swedish history was generally defined by imperialism and isolationism. This was followed by the Second Age, or Age of Silence, where Stockholm became largely abandoned. It grew slightly more active once more in 2023 when Cenotariat joined the city and became the de facto head ambassador of Sweden, which signaled the beginning of the Third Age (Or Swedish Renaissance). It was during this age that Sweden fully decolonised, re-established a cooperative role in global politics, and began a rich literary tradition centred around the University of Stockholm.

Notable People[edit]