From Around The World MC
Username: Svea_Svea
Other names: Svea
Joined: December 2020
Residence: Stockholm, Sweden
User Group: Member
Native: Swedish
Learning: English (C1)

Svea_Svea, or simply "Svea", is an inactive player on the Around The World MC server. She is/was a member of The Trifecta.


Svea is a native Swedish speaker.


Svea was the original founder of Sweden, building Stockholm from the ground up. Svea joined the server around the time of a conflict between Wyttie and an alliance of nations. Sharing many similar views, Svea found an ally in Wyttie, and supported England's controversial positions.

In Early 2021, Svea purged the Embassy of Ireland, destroying posters inside, specifically a pride flag. She cited that the reason for removing these items was because Ice was "pushing an agenda". Ireland responded by cutting ties with Sweden. Svea's actions were met with disapproval from the International Community. Armenia, Mongolia, Ukraine, and Wales also announced that they would be cutting ties with Sweden. However France and England came to Sweden's defense. Afterward, an argument in the chat broke out, which was set to be a catalyst for a diplomatic fallout that resulted in the bombing of France and Wyttie's ban.

After the reformation of the governments of France and England, Svea ended up relaxing her rhetoric and did not cause any more significant controversy.


Svea is currently inactive.