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Republic of Sweden
Flag of Sweden
Flag of Sweden
Capital: Stockholm
Languages: Swedish
Government: Cooperativist Absolute Democratic Republic
World: Earth Map
Server Region: North Germanic Region
Cities: Stockholm, Göteborg, Kalmar
Neighbors: Denmark-Norway, Finland

The Republic of Sweden (Swedish: Republiken Sverige), more commonly known as Sweden, is a country located in the North Germanic Region in Europe, acting as a home for speakers and learners of the Swedish language. It is also sometimes known by the previous name of The Kingdom of Sweden (Konungariket Sverige) for historical reasons, despite the country no longer having a monarchy.

Government and politics[edit]

Sweden is a direct democratic republic with a democratic socialist/cooperativist economy. Swedish politics have changed dramatically over the country's history, being somewhat nationalist and imperialist during the rule of Svea_Svea, but shifting strongly towards progressive values later on. Elections can be called at any time if petitioned by a majority of citizens, and all internal decisions are made via nationwide democratic referendum by default. Additionally, all economic organisations within Sweden must be internally democratically managed, with ownership of a project consisting at absolute minimum of all people who took part in the construction of said project.

Third Age[edit]

Wishing to disassociate with its controversial past, Cenotariat took over the country. He restored diplomatic relations with Ireland, and other countries. Today, Sweden is an active and notable part of the global stage.


Sweden has a rich literary culture, with the vast majority of the Swedish books originating from the University of Stockholm. These works span both fiction and non-fiction topics and are intended to help learners of Swedish get immersed in the language. All citizens, regardless of their language level, are encouraged to participate in contributing to Sweden's body of literature, though this is not compulsory. Sweden also has an unambiguously progressive and accepting ethos, and aims to be a welcoming place for Swedish speakers and learners to congregate and improve their skills.


Sweden was largely cut off from international transport for most of its history, and was accessible mainly by road, boat or elytra. After the democtratisation of the country at the beginning of the Third Age, Sweden was connected to the Eurostar via Stockholm Station.