Template:Infobox country

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Place the following code at the top of the page:

{{Infobox country
| name = {{PAGENAME}}
| image = 
| caption =
| capital =
| languages =
| government =
| monarch =
| prime_minister = 
| president =
| vice_president = 
| dictator = 
| head_of_state =
| formation = 
| dissolution = 
| world =
| server_region =
| admin_region = 
| cities = 
| neighbors =


  • `name`: The name of the country, if left as default it will be the same as the page name
  • `image`: Image of the country or countries flag
  • `caption`: In place if there is no image
  • `capital`: The Capital City of the Country - should be linked that cities page
  • `languages`: List the language or languages of the country
  • `government`: The type of government - hyper link to the main Wikipedia article if able

The next 6 parameters should only be filled in if applicable

  • `monarch`: The reigning King, Queen, Prince, Princess or Noble of the Country
  • `prime_minister`: The current or acting Prime Minister
  • `president`: The current or acting President
  • `vice_president`: The current or acting Vice President
  • `dictator`: The current self proclaimed Dictator
  • `head_of_state`: The current Head of State that does not fall under the above or title is just 'Head of State'
  • `formation`: The date in which the country was formed
  • `dissolution`: The date the county was dissolved
  • `world`: The world the country is or was in Old Map, Earth Map, Resource World
  • `server_region`: The Region that the country is in as defined by the Dynmap
  • `admin_region`: Regions within the country like States, Provinces or Territories
  • `cities`: Other notable cities within the Country
  • `neighbors`: Neighboring countries