Template:Infobox settlement

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Place the following code at the top of the page:

{{Infobox settlement
| name = {{PAGENAME}}
| image = 
| caption =
| world = 
| region = 
| country = 
| warp = 
| coordinates =
| languages =
| built =
| mayor = 


  • `name`: The name of the settlement. If left blank, it defaults to the page name.
  • `image`: An image of the settlement or flag.
  • `caption`: A caption for the image.
  • `world`: The world it is/was set in
  • `region`: The name of the region the settlement is in.
  • `country`: The name of the country the settlement is apart of.
  • `warp`: The main warp to the settlement
  • `coordinates`: The coordinates to the warp or center of the settlement if there is no warp.
  • `languages`: The primary language of the settlement
  • `built`: When was the settlement first built
  • `mayor`: The Mayor of the settlement


This is for a made up city

City of Townsville
Banner of City of Townsville
Banner of City of Townsville
World: Earth Map
Region: West Germanic
Country: Germany
Warp: /warp townsville
Coordinates: 420 69 -420
Languages: English
Built: 1997
Mayor: The Mayor of Townsville