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Flag of Tighluuk, designed by WinterSmokes
Flag of Tighluuk, designed by WinterSmokes
Colloquial: Tighluuk
Language Family:
Languages: Tighluuk
World: Earth Map
Coordinates: -8037, 2307
Region Moderator(s): Datchisan


A small settlement located west of Nivacle in South America. Situated in the desert at the base of snowy mountains, Tighluuk is a rather isolated but friendly community. The location was selectd by Duska on the 20th of July.

Tighluuk also has an unusual abundance of white frogs.


Tighluuk was a conlang experiment conducted by Datchisan to simulate the birth of a natural language.

A "natural conlang" where a group of members attempt to communicate without the use of any pre-existing language. To put it bluntly, people had to speak in gibberish until they understood one another. The project officially began on the 14th of July 2022 and ended on the 8th of September that same year, however, members are still free to converse in Tighluuk if they wish.

Phonology and Orthography[edit]

Tighluuk has a consonant inventory of about 25. The consonants being (because I can’t make a table) /m/ /n/ /ɲ/ /ŋ/ /p/ /t/ /tʃ/ /k/ /b/ /d/ /(d)ʒ/ /ɡ/ /dʰ~ð/ /kʰ/ /f/ /s/ /ɬ/ /ʃ/ /v/ /z/ /ɣ/ /h/ /w/ /l/ /j/ /r/. l, t, k, and s can all be geminated.