Transatlantic Panda Incidents

From Around The World MC

The Transatlantic Panda Incidents were two attempts to move Pandas from the Caribbean to Warsaw. Because Pandas are incompetent of the 4 Pandas attempted to be relocated only 1 survived the journey.

First Attempt[edit]

The first two Pandas being relocated from Puerto Rico

On October 30th, 2022 Baba Yaga asked Buddha with helping moving 2 Pandas from Puerto Rico to Poland. Baba was relocating the Pandas to get Playful Pandas into Europe, as Playful Pandas are the only ones that roll. After previously discovering the Playful Pandas in an abandoned underground player base in Puerto Rico, Baba Yaga and Buddha got to work on their first rescue attempt.

The extraction began with the creation of a staircase to bring the Pandas to Sea Level, it took about 5 minutes to lure them up the staircase. Once to they got to Sea Level they pushed the Pandas into Boats and sailed across the Atlantic, which took about 30 minutes to cross. Having no prior experience with manual transatlantic travel and water-way navigation, they entered Europe via the Straight of Gibraltar and crossing the Mediterranean Sea. They landed in near Greece in the Balkan Region.

Because boats cannot go uphill both Pandas had to be manually lead to Warsaw using Bamboo and no leads. Using the road system already in place they made their way towards Warsaw. Baba and Buddha made a wrong turn and started heading East towards Istanbul instead of North to Warsaw, thus they had to backtrack. It was around this time that Winter_Smokes joined them on the endeavor, watching over the pandas as Baba and Buddha made food runs. At some point on the road Baba's Panda rollied-pollied off the side of an elevated portion of the road killing itself leaving just one Panda left. They had made it to Bratislava, at some point trying to get across town the other Panda rolled right into a Berry Bush and died.

Second Attempt[edit]

One of the Brown Pandas while still in the Caribbean

On the night of December 3rd, 2022 a second attempt to bring Pandas from the Caribbean to Europe was formed, again with Baba and Buddha. This time to bring 2 brown Pandas using a different route to Poland. These Brown Panda's were already at Sea Level but didn't want to cooperate in getting into the boats at first. Eventually both Brown Pandas were in their own boat. The trek across the Atlantic begin, this time taking a more Northern Route. This also took around half an hour to get to Mainland Europe.

This time they made landfall near Hamburg, Germany and attempted to use the river systems to get as close to Warsaw as possible. They were able to get to the Southside of Berlin were they had to disembark and take the overland road connecting Berlin to Warsaw. As they neared Warsaw, one of the Pandas was attacked and killed by a hostile mob. They were able to successfully bring one of the Brown Pandas into Warsaw, and was able to start a Brown Panda breeding program in Europe. He was given the Polish name Wojtek and can be found in the Pałac Kultury i Nauki in Warsaw.

Wojtek Yeets Himself[edit]

On June 11th, 2023, users Baba Yaga and Trey were wandering about Warsaw when the redstone door of the Pałac Kultury i Nauki suddenly opened and snapped shut with Wojtek still inside. Trey could only watch helplessly as the stupid panda suffocated to death in the contraption. A memorial has been built across the street from the neighborhood Bierdronka in his memory. Wojtek is survived by his many heirs and suitors that continue to wander throughout the West Slavic region.