Tsonshi City

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Tsonshi City - 黑京都 Tsonsšhi-tēji
World: Earth Map
Region: Tungusic Region
Country: Tokuguku
Languages: English, Tokuguo
Built: Late-2021
Mayor: Malung

(not to be confused with Tsonshi Metropolitan Area)

Tsonshi City (TKG: 黑京都/Tson'sši'tēji) is a city located in the Tsonshi Province in the country of Tokuguku. After the 21th February of 2024 the city was no longer considered as being the whole Tsonshi Metropolitan Area but rather only encompassing the Tsonshi City District.

Tsonshi city is the largest and capital city of Tokuguku, being the administrative and economical hub of Tokuguku it a vital part of Tokuguku, is also one of the first settlements of Tokuguku.