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Ukiho is a city-state in the new world, proposed by Nils when the resource map was released. It is multilingual city that is meant for any language that would like to join. At least 20 people have become citizens of Ukiho, some of the Citizens are Nils Trinity, Ukihoroa, Tukang Bom, AlexNB, Hayden, and SugarcaneCadaver.

Government[edit | edit source]

The government of Ukiho was designed to give representation to minority languages like dead or artificial languages. Each language gets exactly one representative to represent their interests in the Ukiho government. When representatives are chosen, they then vote amongst themselves to choose a Prime Minister, who represents Ukiho as a whole. Representatives are chosen once every two weeks, with the Prime Minister being chosen shortly after the representatives.

Representatives[edit | edit source]

As of August 25, 2021, there are 15 Representatives, representing 23 languages, with 9 languages unrepresented. A day after the representatives where chosen / elected, they voted for their Prime Minister. Out of the five candidates, Ukihoroa came in first place, with Hayden not far behind. Though never officially announced, Ukihoroa chose three people to fill in positions for their cabinet. Hayden is the Minister of Education, handling language education, and Minister of Construction, handling the structures being built in Ukiho, Nils Trinity is the Minister of Intelligence, handling keeping track of events and people in Ukiho, and Tala is the Minister of Finance, handling the Ukiho bank and job market.

The following is a chart of each language in Ukiho, followed by who, if anyone, the representative is, as well as the number of speakers:

Language Representative # of Speakers
Korean Hayden 3
Spanish Jamal Deep 4
Japanese Dutch 10
German Ukihoroa 10
Portuguese None 2
Mandarin Jojoxjmwa 2
Polish Jojoxjmwa 3
French Grimace 7
Welsh Winter_Smokes 1
Ukrainian Grimace 2
Lojban Nils Trinity(Conlangs) 1
Puzzle's Conlang Nils Trinity(Conlangs) 1
Finnish Alex_nb 2
Maori Ukihoroa 1
Czech Sugarcane 1
Inuktitut Sugarcane 1
Polari None 1
Greek Letterbomb 1
Latin Tala 2
Irish None 1
Italian None 1
Gothic None 1
Onondaga None 1
Swedish Probably_me 1
Dutch TVheld 2
Toki Pona Nils Trinity(Conlangs) 1
Saanich Nils Trinity 1
Indonesian Tukang_Bom 1
Arabic None 1
Russian None 1
Farsi None 1
Old English Tala 1