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World: Resource World
Warp: /warp Ukiho
Coordinates: -1001 1324
Built: August 2021

Ukiho is a city-state in the Resource World, proposed by Nils Trinity when the resource map was released. It is multilingual city that is meant for any language that would like to join.


Ukiho as seen from the Dyn Map

The Resource World was created in August of 2021 and Ukiho was soon created after becoming the first permanent settlement in the new Resource World. It had soon established a representative style government and had elected Ukihoroa as it's Prime Minister. A small city had been built including apartments, shops, a Town Hall and a Strip Club. By July 2022 the Government had dissolved.

After the real world Russian Invasion of Ukraine, players made a "Fuck Putin" map art North of the city best seen from the DynMap. The Flag of Ukraine was also made over the city and can be clearly seen when you warp to the city.

By the fall of 2022 chest that had been left over from an abandoned project had been turned into Community Chest which usually contains rare ores, tools and building materials donated by various members.


The former government of Ukiho was designed to give representation to minority languages like dead or artificial languages. Each language gets exactly one representative to represent their interests in the Ukiho government. When representatives are chosen, they then vote amongst themselves to choose a Prime Minister, who represents Ukiho as a whole. Representatives are chosen once every two weeks, with the Prime Minister being chosen shortly after the representatives. At it's peak the Ukiho government had 15 Representative, representing 23 languages with 9 languages unrepresented. Ukihoroa had been elected Prime Minister over Ukiho. Though never officially announced, Ukihoroa chose three people to fill in positions for their cabinet. Hayden is the Minister of Education, handling language education, and Minister of Construction, handling the structures being built in Ukiho, Nils Trinity is the Minister of Intelligence, handling keeping track of events and people in Ukiho, and Tala is the Minister of Finance, handling the Ukiho bank and job market.

Due to decline the Ukiho government had been dissolved by July 2022 and became a free state.

Notable People[edit]