From Around The World MC
Username: Ukihoroa
Other names: ウキホロア


Joined: 2017
Residence: Ukiho
User Group: Administrator
Native: English
Learning: Japanese


Mandarin Chinese


te reo Māori

Ukihoroa (Japanese: ウキホロア, Ukihoroa) is a British-Japanese player living in the East Midlands of the United Kingdom, with familial ties to Fukuoka and Chiba Prefectures, Japan. He is currently learning Japanese, German, Mandarin Chinese, Finnish & te reo Māori. As such, he is the region moderator of the Aotearoa region (takiwā o Aotearoa) and the Finnic region (Suomen alue). Ukihoroa first joined the server in 2017 to learn Finnish, and maintains a presence in the modern Finnic region. Ukihoroa is also a devout Blaist. He is also the Mayor of Ukiho.

Ukihoroa was promoted to the Helper position on 10th March, 2021 and became an Admin exactly 4 months later on 10th July, 2021.


  • The username Ukihoroa is a portmanteau of (the) UK, -iho- from Nihon, and -roa from Aotearoa.