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Buddha's Skin
Buddha's Skin
Username: Funboy229
Joined: July 2022
Residence: Ukiho

Buddha's Warehouse

User Group: Helper
Native: English
Learning: Chinese (A1+)

Spanish (A1)

Buddha is a Canadian-American player on Around the World MC who lives primarily in Ukiho. Buddha joined the server in late July 2022 looking to learn and practice Spanish.


Buddha is a second generation Canadian-American with family ties to Romania. As such he grew up learning both English and Romanian, though as he got older he used and learned less Romanian. Growing up Buddha had interest in learning French and studied French in High School, though one could say son fran├žais est affreux. During his last year in High School he studied Mandarin and took the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi and passed the pre-2021 HSK 2 written and oral tests. Beginning in 2021 he began to learn Spanish through friends and coworkers, and started studying more in the Summer of 2022. Though because he's lazy he hasn't made as much progress in Spanish as he should have.


Buddha joined in late July of 2022 with the goal to learn and practice Spanish. He built his house, also know as the Warehouse, far east of Ukiho with major inspiration from Winter Smokes' place also in Ukiho. Originally would spend hours in game, mostly afk to farm and because he would forget to close the game. When not afking he would spend a lot of his time resource gathering. Around Halloween he started to hunt for the Dragon Egg, he even beat the Ender Dragon in the Old World incorrectly assuming that after it was wiped it's End dimension was also reset. Also around this time he started unlocking chest with Baba Yaga and others of inactive players. During which he started collecting books and banners among other items. In late December of 2022 he helped with turning Spawn into the server museum, near the same time he started turning an abandoned building in Ukiho into a mall, this building later turned out to be the old Ukiho Town Hall. Starting in February of 2023 he started work on reviving Madrid.