From Around The World MC

Same username as in Minecraft, named after the saint. Russian Mennonite born in Canada, learning what should have been my native languages, German then hopefully Low German. Carefully building inside a single chunk for some reason. West on Ukihoroa street outside the warp, or /warp ukiho and go to (-1126, 70, 1296), come visit me and steal my stuff! Not all though. Please?

Beginner Info[edit]

I'm a beginner myself, so these are simply all the things I have worked out that didn't seem obvious.

The server is not dead. As of March 3rd, 2024, the server is quite active. It's not unusual to see 8 people on at once, and due to the server's global nature, there are a few people on most of the time. The only exception is when the sun is over the Pacific. For whatever reason, the server seems to feel 'dead' to many people, myself included, but rest assured it is alive and well.

There are two worlds. The 'resource world' and Ukiho are the same place. The other map is a scaled-down copy of the real world planet Earth you are presumably from, where everyone builds and fights and speaks languages. You cannot walk from Germany to Ukiho, you have to warp. Both maps have their own Nethers and their own Ends. See the worlds at [looks like I can't link it, oops!]. You can change maps by clicking the button with three bars at the top-left, then "maps"

Ukiho has FREE STUFF! Leave the Ukiho warp, follow the path to the left, it's the big wooden building with the iron blocks on the front. There are a stacks of diamond blocks and a bunch of elytras. Don't be greedy.