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Username: Yoshimidsu
Other names: Willow

(Sā Potnā) Salihānā

Joined: 2020
Residence: 𐌲𐌿𐍄𐌰𐌻𐌰𐌽𐌳 (Gothia), Resource World
Native: English


Learning: Dutch (B1)

Gothic (A2)

Latin (A2)

German (A1)

Kuchean (Pre-A1)

Occitan (Pre-A1)

Yoshimidsu (IGN | IRL name: ‘Willow’) is a player and past Gothic contributor on the Around The World MC server, who goes by she/they animate pronouns. She joined the server in 2020, soon after joining the Gothic language revival, and was active for some months before taking a half-year hiatus. After rejoining September 15th 2021 after the launch of the Ukiho Map, Willow constructed roads in the deciduous forest west of Ukiho for multi-district urban-planned settlement.


Willow speaks fluent English and French as native tongues, and has studied language & linguistics in her spare time since the age of 15, including German and Latin at school. She is now in her third year of a Comparative Indo-European Linguistics BA programme at the University of Leiden since September 2021. As a result of prolonged interest in typology, historical linguistics and phonology, Willow has a specific interest in many languages of Eurasia and North America – specifically the Pacific Northwest and Eskimo-Aleut languages. She joined the Gothic language revival in August of 2020 and was an active member of a large Discord server until its deactivation, aiding in composing dictionaries, coining neologisms and helping learners with Gothic pronunciation. She has also shown interest in reviving Tocharian B and speaking Occitan, since her current family home is located in a historically-Occitan region of France.

Willow has been creating constructed languages (‘conlanging’) for many years. Her most developed conlang project is Sā Dyngā, a Pan-Indo-European non-zonal auxlang, which has been developed with friends since September 18th 2021, and has accrued over 5000 dictionary lemmas.


Via the Gothic revival, Yoshimidsu was already familiar with Paleosaur (IGN: paleopack626).

She has ties to the now-idle Isle Saxony settlement found in eastern Canada. It is rumoured that Willow once lived on the fabled isle of Atlantis, before it was forgotten and left to the mysterious waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Strange geometry in Patagonia has also been connected to Iosimitsys and another player known as DustyBunny.


Although she currently attends university full-time, Willow tries to stay somewhat active on the ATWMC server, especially in the Ukiho Map. On November 19ᵗʰ 2023, she established the Proto-Indo-European *Plth₂euih₂ nation on the Earthmap, located on the Pontic-Caspian steppe.

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