V Mac Carthaig

From Around The World MC
V Mac Carthaig
Username: V_Mac_Carthaig
Other names: Caeso
User Group: unbanned
Native: English
Learning: French (B2)

Latin (B1)

Spanish (B1)

Kumeyaay (A1)

Corsican (A1)

Quechua (A1)

V_Mac_Carthaig also known as Caeso, is a player of Around the World MC with a long tenure stretching back to the old map.

He was once a well-respected moderator, but was demoted and banned after destroying Paris, His reputation was also stained for his support of Wyttie, an openly racist & homophobic player. He is known to be one of the best language learners in the server, having been there for multiple years. He is a member of The Trifecta.


He established a town in the old map called Fortuna, based on an ancient Roman city and using Latin as the language. He made several impressive builds, some of which have made it to the new map. Fortuna lasted from 2017 to 2020 when the new map was released. He made a library that housed a majority of the world books at the time.

Kumeyaay Village[edit]

As soon as the new map came out he settled in Southern California/ Baja California because he was studying a Native American language called Kumeyaay. He made several farms and structures, some still visible today.


The founding person of France, he started building La Rochelle in western France when the new map came out. He waited for O 7337 to join the server so he could found Paris, letterbomb0121 joined later and founded Lyon. The three worked together and formed the bulk of the French government under O the King. Caeso built most of Paris, all of La Rochelle and Quebec, and parts of Brest and Perpignan. Some notable builds would be the Champs Elysees, the Paris train station, the Church of Saint Savior in La Rochelle, and innumerable other contributions.