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The Flag of Wales
The Flag of Wales
Capital: Cardiff
Head of State: Winter_Smokes
Formation: March 5th, 2021
World: Earth Map
Server Region: Britannic region

Situated west of Kingdom of Great Britain and East of Ireland. Its capital is Cardiff.


Declaration of Independence[edit]

On the 5th of March 2021, Winter_Smokes (self-elected leader of Wales) declared independence for Wales from the Kingdom of Great Britain.

The English Government regards Wales as independent, though the opposition still regards Wales as part of the UK, despite this, the rest of the server seems to recognise Wales' independence.

Wyttie, on the 5th of March offered WinterSmokes 15 diamond blocks to leave Wales for good but she vehemently refused to take the bribe. Wyttie later stated to Icecyristal67 that same day, that if WinterSmokes built "one of those (gay bars) on my island, I'm gonna have to offer her a lot of money to get rid of it." Suffice to say, relations between Wales and Britain were tense.