From Around The World MC
World: Earth Map
Region: West Slavic region
Country: Poland
Warp: /warp Warsaw
Coordinates: 2270 -6115
Languages: Polish


Mayor: Baba Yaga

Warsaw is a capital city in Poland and one of the main cities of the West Slavic region. It has one of the oldest warp locations on the current Earth Map, and the builders of the original settlement have long been forgotten. Before early 2021, the city was simply a storage house, a fountain of Sawa the Siren, and a tree farm. Player Baba Yaga settled into the city in early 2021, first building the house that would ultimately become the Biuru Pszczelarstwa (Office of Beekeeping). Fireworks were much less abundant during these times, and Baba Yaga decided that she would attempt to build the biggest fireworks farm on the server. However, not wanting to uglify the landscape, she decided that she would build a replica of the Pałac Kultury i Nauki around it. The Pałac Kultury i Nauki, or the Palace of Culture and Science, now houses not just the fireworks farm, but several language classrooms, a banquet hall, a wool farm, an alchemy room, an AFK tower, the Polish LGBT History Museum, and the Historic Polish Meme Culture exhibit. Other builds such as the Emilcin UFO, Bierdronka, the Sad SovietBloc apartments, and the PVP Arena can be found in Warsaw, and new builds are being added as the server grows.