Winter Smokes

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Winter Smokes
Username: Winter_Smokes
Other names: Smokes, Winter, Bitch
Joined: January 14th, 2021
Residence: Berlin


Y Drysfa, Ukiho

User Group: Region Moderator
Native: English
Learning: German (A2)



Winter_Smokes joined the server in January 2021. Most notable accomplishment is declaring Welsh Independence from Britain. She is also known for building the first gay bar on the server, as well as the LGBTQ+ pub in Dublin. Currently resides in Ukiho but also has residence in Berlin and Cardiff.


A native English speaker who joined the server to improve her German (A2), then later Esperanto and Welsh. In around March of 2021, Winter_Smokes began to learn Welsh again and hoped to make Wales Independent from The Kingdom of Great Britain and had succeeded in doing so after Wyttie, the former king of Britain was banned. She is still learning Welsh to this day (2023).


Joined the server not long after her eighteenth birthday, in hopes of improving her German, she built her house next to MrSegno's house and the Berlin Art Museum. Then built the Berlin Gay Bar for no reason other than being queer and thinking it would be cool, this led to Icecyristal67 inviting WinterSmokes to the Britannic Region to build another Gay Bar, this time in Dublin.


WinterSmokes joined the server while procrastinating on her Media homework.

She is currently in her second year of university.


"Came for the languages, stayed for the weird chat" - 4/11/2021

"And then my favourite sexuality: Germany" - 2/5/2021

"I don't know the different breeds of car." - 3/5/2021

"Next time I respawn I'll be in your mum's bed" 15/8/2021