From Around The World MC
Username: Wyttie
Joined: May 2020
Residence: London
User Group: Banned
Native: English
Learning: "Spanish" apparently

Wyttie pronounced (Why-eht-ie) was a controversial American player on Around The World MC from South Carolina. He joined in May 2020, and remained active until 17/4/2021, on which date he was banned for racism and homophobia. He's no longer the King of the United Kingdom. He is a member of The Trifecta.


"Dang nabbit, Buckingham palace is full of commies" 11/4/2021


Wyttie joined in April 2020 with Icecyristal67. Wyttie proclaimed himself as king of Britain and founded the british empire, based in London. Wyttie and Ice began to colonize and quickly build an empire around the world. Things began to take a turn after Wyttie became unhinged, and Ice cut off relations with him, and made Ireland independent. Eventually, Wyttie found an ally in once foe, Caeso and O. They began to be known as The Trifecta. Wyttie became infamous for his controversial statements and bullying of an openly gay player. Soon, he began making comments on race. Despite all that, The Old Kingdom Of France continued to support him. After Caeso got banned in 2021, Wyttie began to feel isolated and was banned later for continuing to be bigoted.