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World: Earth Map
Country: Autonomous
Languages: Chinese
Built: February 2021

Xiamen (Chinese: 厦门) is a town located in the southeast coast of China, just north of Taiwan. The town actually lays closer to Taipei than Hangzhou, despite it only sharing a landmass with the latter. Xiamen was established by MarpasCZ. The city was founded in the latter half of February 2021, when Marpas built a flower shop and began construction of the first road. The town got some more development when Hello_Im_Dutch wanted to set up a company there.


The city is officially an autonomous region not of the People's Republic of China, and thus not part of the Asian Union either.


Xiamen is a city chosen by Hello_Im_Dutch for him to set up a new business which he named 便利(biànlì) because the name would fit well in both Japanese and Chinese, as the company would have its HQ in Tokyo but its shop in Xiamen. The business currently owns the only factory in the city and a shop in the second building built on the current main road.