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Toku-Yakut (Саха биистэрэ)
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Flag of the
Capital: Yakutsk
Languages: Tokuguo, Yakut
Government: Puppet state
Head of State: Country of Tokuguku / Formally: Teliya
Formation: 5/14/2023
World: Earth Map
Cities: Yakutsk
Neighbors: Tokuguku, Mongolia

Toku-Yakutia (Yakut: Саха биистэрэ) (TKG: 樂北雪國, toku'tung'yuk'guku) is country located in the Eastern side of Siberia, encompassing around all of the real-life Sakha Republic.


A player named Teliya founded The Sakha Tribes in Yakutsk, the capital of the present day country, she started with 4 igloos, laying out room for housing. The next day, the Kuchean Empire formed an Mititary alliance with the country, now feeling safer around the neighboring countries, Teliya went to start building further south in Ulu.

On the 21th May of 2023 Yakutia was vassalised by Tokuguku in an agreement, marking the beginning of Toku occupation and control.

Recogized Minority Languages[edit]

Kharñao Binsin,


In the real world, The republic of Yakutia is apart of the Russian Federation, they speak a Turkic language that has been isolated for a very long time, it’s official writing system is Cyrillic.